This will be held at:

The Port Mahon, St Clements


19 April 2012 at 7:30.

PRIZES!!! Cost £3 per person

If you want to come along, email and let us know.  Looking foward to it.




Kark will be riding from London to Edinburgh in May to raise money for Friends of the Earth.  Please help him with this mammoth effort by clicking on this link.

‘I asked myself ‘why?’ Who are these people? And why do they do this to us? Why do they kill my people? Why
do they rape my aunties?’ Benny Wenda

Benny Wenda of the Free West Papua Campaign spoke to us last night.  Benny is a tribal leader from West Papua  who is campaigning against land grabbing in his country.  He talked movingly about how major companies. supported by the Indonesian government and military, are raping his land and cutting down the forest to grow palm oil and how people are displaced.  It is always moving to meet someone who  has given up  so much for their people, but Benny’s story moved me particularly as his family has been destroyed and a silent genocide is happening so that we can have palm oil in our biscuits and margerine.

Benny lives here in Oxford and Friends of the Earth International are supporting him, along with our local MP Andrew Smith.  Please help by clicking the link above and taking action.

Hello everyone,

We’ve got a new on-line action on supermarkets that it would be great if you could take.

It’s telling MPs that introducing a supermarket watchdog (or ‘Groceries Code Adjudicator’) is urgent – and asking them to push Vince Cable to make sure the next Queen’s Speech includes a Bill to set one up.

Full details here.

Crucial to winning this campaign, even more so than usual, will be showing the Government the strength of public feeling behind it. All the main parties, and the Coalition, are signed up to this in principle – they’re just not getting on with it.

Once you’ve taken the action, it would therefore be great if you could tweet it, share it on facebook and/or forward on this email to your contacts, friends and family.

Thank you so much!

Just to let you know that today a High Court Judge ruled in Friends of the Earth’s favour on the feed-in tariff changes the Government proposed!   The Judge described the Government’s plans to bring in new tariffs on 12 December (nearly two weeks before the consultation closed) “legally flawed.”
Here’s the news story on our website:
And here’s our press release:
We’ve also just set up a Christmas action – send a Christmas e-card to your MP calling on them to put solar back on track:


This is great news – please do spread this far and wide and take the action yourselves!

Karl has written to the Oxford Times about the question of feed in tarriffs, please look here!  It really is something that we need to debate – do we continue to sponsor people who can afford to make their homes up to a C and over rating or do we concentrate on helping those on lower incomes to  be able to afford to keep warm in winter?  What strikes me is that we need to really look at our priorities – years ago I was the FoE Housing Campaigner and was concerned that modern housing stock is still not being built with solar panels and with grey water systems.  As fuel prices rise why aren’t we doing this?

See this article in the Oxford Mail yesterday, which is talking about the cuts in feed in tarriffs.  We’ll be in Cornmarket lunchtime today collecting signatures for the FoE petition on thisl

The European Alliance for a Common Agricultural Policy based on Food Sovereignty (of which Friends of the Earth is an active member) has just launched a new video which explains the Cap process and how it can be transformed towards food sovereignty.

You can see the video here

The same webpage, linked to the Nyeleni Europe website has info about the work towards CAP reform over the coming year

Laugh or the Polar Bear Gets It

Friends of the Earth are running a comedy benefit gig at the Hammersmith Apollo on Friday 18 November. Big names confirmed so far include Dan Antopolski, Simon Day, Justin Edwards as Jeremy Lion,  Richard Herring, Josie Long, Francesca Martinez, Lucy Porter and Rob Rouse, with music from special guest Badly Drawn Boy. A number of us are thinking of going as a group – if you are interested, please contact Fiona (

and before that there is a food campaign event in Trafalgar Square:

FoE are supporting an event in London on 18 November called Feeding the 5000, from 12 noon to 2.00pm in Trafalgar Square. It involves a free lunch made entirely from fresh ingredients that would otherwise go to waste.

The conference last weekend was a great thing to go to.  We were up for an award but were pipped to the post by Caerphilly who have been fighting an incinerator in the Valleys.  They have even doubled their membership in the past year – good for them – worthy winners.

The highlight for me was the talk by Benny Wenda of the Free West Papua Campaign.  It brought home to me how important the work we do on preserving forests throughout the world is.  Have a look at Benny’s website.

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